Frictionless KYC & AML

Reducing the friction: How to accelerate onboarding in business banking



The race to differentiate continues to put the banking sector to the test.

As Fintech entrants push through barriers to create exceptional digital experiences, all banks are running a race to create innovative customer products and experiences.

Part of this push is to deliver a smooth, friction-reduced, customer experience (CX) that delights and builds strong, positive, relationships.

But the reality is the onboarding experience for many is littered with friction points and the 'time to revenue' for the bank is excessively long.

This paper looks at the pillars, drivers, pain points and potential solutions in CIB onboarding for business, including: 

  • Finding a solution through data
  • Reducing the Time to Revenue
  • Solving for a great CX in CIB
Reducing the friction:  Onboarding in Corporate  & Investment Banking