An Introduction to Real-Time Financial Crime Interdiction

Customer Risk Intelligence For KYC, AML & CDD/EDD


Arachnys is the leader in Customer Risk Intelligence. We harness the world's information to empower the investigative minds that secure our world. Our cloud-native, entity-centric and risk content platform enables real-time financial crime prevention. It helps financial institutions worldwide to thwart bad actors, reduce operational costs, accelerate top-line revenue, decrease false positives and reduce rejection and error rates.

It is the unique combination of:

  • A native cloud platform

  • An entity-centric approach driven by content and policy management

  • The largest library of risk relevant content

  • Risk knowledge management for storing, organizing and leveraging prior analyst work for knowledge preservation, streamlined operations and accelerated analyst performance

It’s Never Easy to Determine the ROI of Financial Crime Solutions... Now it is. 

Discover your potential reductions in QA failure rates and  false positives. Understand the revenue enhancements and operational cost savings you could achieve from implementing Arachnys KYC, AML and CDD/EDD solutions.