Frictionless KYC & AML

Local vs Global Data

Why Google is no longer a viable solution for KYC/AML investigation & monitoring


Highly regulated institutions face many challenges when dealing with clients and jurisdictions deemed as high-risk. Typically, companies need to go deeper and broader with AML and compliance investigations, which can be extremely time-consuming depending on the tools used. Gaining access to reliable, accurate and up-to-date content on lesser-known entities and individuals is getting harder.



Google is still the number one go-to resource for most compliance teams, but as it evolves rapidly to match a complex landscape of local privacy laws, changing user habits and a multitude of other factors, this raises the question: is it still a valid tool for use in KYC, EDD and AML investigations?

Download our white paper which includes information on how Google has changed, a study based on Arachnys vs Google and some tips on "how to reduce the noise".